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Wedderspoon is committed to delivering the highest quality and purity of Manuka honey and to discovering all of its natural benefits. To identify and measure the complex properties found in genuine Manuka, Wedderspoon has created KFactor™ — a holistic multi-stage authentication system named for the key factors inherent in this distinctive honey.

See our KFactor™ Compliance Certification here.

In its second phase, KFactor will define additional properties we can use to authenticate Manuka honey. Wedderspoon is funding research using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) imaging. This highly sensitive technology will not only measure known components, but also seek to identify additional components present only in Manuka honey. It is the synergy of live enzymes, high pollen count, DHA, methylglyoxal, and other key factors, we hope to identify by the unique NMR technology.

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